Become A Vendor

The system will use the Telegram app to send customer orders directly to your smartphone.

  1. If your smartphone does not already have Telegram, please download the Telegram app. If you are using an Apple smartphone: Apple App Store
    If you are using an Android smartphone: Google Play
    Then please follow the instructions below.
  2. If you already have the Telegram application, please send a message to the Telegram ID listed below so that we can link your Telegram ID to the information you have filled in above.

Please wait for the next instruction from Telegram e-Bazaar. Thank you!

*When the buyer makes a payment, BazaarBaru (through Corner Room Studios Sdn. Bhd) will accept payment on behalf of the seller/small trader, through the 'payment gateway' iPay88. The total daily net sales proceeds will be credited to the seller's/dealer's account the next day.*

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